We are already into the second month of a new year, so here comes our second amazing desktop background! This month our custom desktop calendar will remind you of days spent on the slopes. The epic snow scene will help to transport you from your desk, into a world of snow drifts, fresh powder and cold winds whipping at your face.

Desktop Feb


Download February’s desktop calendar for your computer at work and home, in the variety of screen sizes below. Plus we now have a size that’s perfect for smartphones – choose 320 x 480 to get it for your phone.

As always, let us know what you want to see for March’s calendar, in the comments below.

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Trespass may be famous for its 150+ UK stores, but did you know that our high performance products are also sold throughout the world? Our waterproof jackets, activity trousers, tents, walking boots and thermal underwear (to name but a few!) are beginning to be sold all over the world. And we can’t tell you how exciting this is! We recently had a visit from our colleagues in South Korea, who wanted to chat to our designers about the process of making Trespass clothing. Our Korean colleagues are taking the Trespass brand to a new level and our styles are constantly being developed for local needs and preference – in South Korea the popularity of Trespass outdoor clothing is booming. So we thought what better time to have our designers show just how much work goes into the production of our clothing and accessories!

Korean TV Visit

Our team discussed features of our new ranges with the camera crew, including outlining how our DLX range has been designed to provide the very best protection from extreme weather conditions. The Trespass DLX range is designed for life in extremes and comprises of lightweight premium performance jackets and pants.

Korean Visit 2

We hand pick a very select group of products for the Trespass DLX range and we like to think of it as the best of the best. Our designers discussed this selection process and the thinking behind our collections, for the video which will be shown on South Korean TV.

We had a really fun day with our South Korean colleagues and we’re looking forward to seeing the finish video package.

If you want to know more about how we develop our lines and get ideas for new products, make sure you bookmark our blog page! We post on a variety of topics, including behind the scenes photos, insider information and even handy infographic guides.


Here at Trespass we love winter sports – especially skiing and snowboarding! We are always looking for opportunities to get more involved with winter sports and that usually comes in the form of team sponsorship and partnerships with sports organisations. One of our most well known partnerships is with the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games, which will be held later this year. However one of our lesser known partnerships is with the Belarus National Freestyle Ski Team.

We provide the team with first-class uniforms, which help them to perform at their very best, for the highest level of competition. Recently the team sent over a picture showing the athletes proudly wearing their Trespass uniforms, so we thought we would share it will our lovely blog readers.


The team comprises of:

Dmitry Dashchynski

Dashchynski is the silver and bronze medallist of the XVIII and XX Olympic Winter Games, the two-time silver medallist of the world championships and the owner of the small crystal globe World Cup from the 2005-2006 season.

 Vasiliy Vorobyov

 The prize winner of the World Cup in the USA in 1988, Vorobyov is now the head coach of the team.

 Egor Shamshur

 Shamshur is the current coach of the National Freestyle Ski Team.

 Nicholay Kozeko

 Kozeko has been the head coach of the National Freestyle Team since 1993.

 Denis Osipov

 Osipov was the World Junior Champion in 2003 and the winner of the European Cup in the 2004-2005 season.

 Alexei Grishin

Grishin is the champion and bronze medallist of the XXI and XIX Olympic Winter Games, the world champion of 2001 and also a silver and bronze medallist of world championships.

 Maxim Gustik

Gustik was the two-time World Junior Champion in 2006 and 2007 and the four-time winner of the European Cup in the overall standings.

You can find out more about the other teams and organisations that we sponsor here.



If our custom desktop background calendar from December was right up your street, then you will love our new edition for January. With a new year, comes a new look, so why not spruce up your computer with a Trespass design?


Whether you are at work, home or commuting between the two, our desktop background will transport you to a better place. January’s edition is a beautiful snowy landscape, allowing you to mentally escape to The Alps or Aspen in an instant.

Let us know what you would like to see in our desktop image for February, in the comments below.

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Ski HelmetsWe all know about some of the usual gear we have to take on a skiing or snowboarding holiday; ski jacket, boots, thermal underwear and waterproof gloves. But have you considered investing in a helmet for your next skiing or snowboarding trip? In recent years the use of helmets has become a talking point for snow sports enthusiasts, with many questions being raised. Are they really necessary? Will a helmet actually protect you when it comes to a major accident? Does a helmet impede your performance?

While it isn’t compulsory to wear a helmet on the slopes, it is now highly recommended. Here are the top reasons to pop a helmet on before you take off down your next black run.

> A helmet can save your life and dramatically prevent head injuries if you take a fall on the slopes. If you fall hard onto your back you are likely to hit your head on hard-packed snow which can cause concussions and worse. Not to mention the numerous obstacles which skiers have to weave in and out of you – trees, railings and other skiers to name but a few. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

> Research has shown that under 16s are more likely to have an accident on the slopes, than adults. Ensuring that your children wear helmets when skiing will put your mind at ease and help to protect them should the worst happen.

> A helmet can actually provide good protection from the elements too. At the top of a mountain in sub-zero temperatures and extreme wind chill, you will be thankful for any headgear that keeps the ice off your ears.

So now that we’ve (hopefully) convinced you to wear a helmet, what do you need to look for? Choosing the perfect helmet for you can be tricky, especially when it comes to the choosing the right fit. Here are a few things to check out when you try on your new ski helmet.

1. Check that the helmet conforms to safety standards. The Central European (CE) standard EN1077 is an industry guide which, when displayed on a product, tells you that your helmet meets safety standards for the slopes. This is important as it ensures that your helmet has met certain standards and design specifications. All Trespass snowsports helmets meet this standard.

2. Try before you buy. When you try on a new helmet it should fit snugly to your head, without it being too tight or constricting. Place your hand on top of your head and try shifting the helmet backwards and forwards – if it moves the fit is too loose. The ear pads should be fitted against your ears and feel comfortable. If you’re trying on in store, keep your ski helmet on for a couple of minutes and try moving your head around in different directions. This will give you a better indication of how the helmet will fit when you are on the go.

Furillo Ski Helmet: £29.99

Furillo Ski Helmet: £29.99

3. Look at the venting. The same advice that applies to ski jackets and pants, also goes for ski helmets. As you work up a sweat on the slopes, you will want your helmet to allow your skin to breathe. Lots of helmets have adjustable vents that will increase breathability and let cool air in to stop you from overheating.

4. Consider a ski helmet liner. A lot of snowsports helmets allow room for you to wear a helmet liner. A liner adds extra protection from cold weather and is also washable, so it will keep your helmet fresh and hygienic. Wearing a helmet while skiing or snowboarding this season, is becoming the norm. As we have shown there are a lot of benefits to protecting yourself with a helmet, particularly if you want your kids to be protected or if you are a beginner just starting to hone your skills. Trespass has a variety of ski helmets for men, women and children so the whole family can stay safe on the slopes this winter.


KIDS SKI SUIT BLOGAs winter starts to hit the British shores, ski resorts around the world are beginning to open their doors and welcome in another year’s worth of holiday makers. Young snowboarders, first time skiers and families on energetic and exciting trips, will descend upon the likes of Tignes, St Anton, St Moritz and Verbier, looking for thrills, deep powder, challenging courses and, of course, après ski nightlife. If you are planning on a family skiing trip, you will need to get the whole family kitted out for the sub-zero temperatures. This can be somewhat tricky – especially if you are a first time skier and don’t necessarily know what you need to be on the lookout for. Arguably, children are the hardest to kit out for skiing, so we have put together some handy tips that will help you pick the best kid’s ski wear. We will be focussing on kid’s ski suits, as they are fantastic for first-timers right up to more advanced skiers. Plus what’s there not to love about getting a whole outfit in one go?

A kids ski suit will come in two options; a jacket and pants combo or an all-in-one suit. You can choose to go with either of these options, as both will provide different protection from the snow. Before we look at the design of the ski suit, let’s first look at what technical features your kid’s first ski jacket will need to have.

Skiwear is not like regular waterproof clothing. Ski jackets and pants are specially designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions – on the slopes temperatures can drop as low as -15°C on a mild day, so you need clothing that will not only keep you warm and dry but also comfortable. The great thing about skiwear is that you can wear it both on and off the slopes, so if you think about the price in terms of ‘cost per wear’ the high price tag doesn’t seem so bad.

So what do you need to look for in your kid’s ski suit? Here is a shortlist of the desirable features that will ensure your skiwear is going to provide the best protection.

  • A high rating for waterproof and breathability (usually shown as mm, e.g. Waterproof to 5,000mm)
  • Insulation (removable or otherwise)
  • Taped Seams
  • Adjustable hem and cuffs
  • Vents (back or underarm)
  • Detachable and / or adjustable hood
  • A variety of different pockets (internal and external)
  • A snow skirt (removable or otherwise)

Chamonix kid’s ski suit: £70

This list is by no means exhaustive and you don’t necessarily need all of these features. When picking your kid’s ski suit, you will have to factor in price and estimate how often it will be worn. If this is your very first family ski trip and your children are learning, it wouldn’t necessarily be wise to choose a top-of-the-range ski suit, that costs the earth – your kids may grow out of it quickly, or they might not enjoy the sport. Although this is unlikely as skiing is fantastic. In our humble opinion. Check out our blog which looks at the features of kid’s ski clothing in more detail, if you want to learn a little more about the various technical features mentioned above.

There are many benefits to buying your children a ski suit, rather than separate jacket and pants. The first, and most obvious, is that when you buy the jacket and pants together you will ensure that they match properly. Secondly a lot of skiwear brands, Trespass included, make ski suits and matching combos cheaper to buy. All-in-one kid’s ski suits also have the added benefit that they have no break in fabric to let snow get in – there is simply nothing worse than falling in the snow and having a fresh tidal wave of freezing snow entering up your jacket and trickling up your back.

We have lots of kid’s ski suits to choose from at Trespass. One of our staff favourites is the Chamonix unisex ski suit. It comes in a variety of colours and is packed full of technical features, which will ensure your kids are protected when they hit the slopes. If you have any more questions about kid’s ski suits, add a comment at the bottom of the page and our expert staff will do their best to help you out.


The Trespass Guide To Picking The Right Snow Boots

Choosing the best snow boots just got easier with another handy guide from Trespass. The days are growing shorter and the nights longer. A cold wind has been blowing and Jack Frost is starting to do his rounds. Yes, unfortunately winter is coming – and there is going to be some particularly extreme weather for some of us. Soon we will be thrown into the depths of winter, where we will spend 20 minutes de-frosting the car in the morning and will live in almost perpetual darkness. During winter we all have to pay more attention to our clothing – warmer jumpers, insulated jackets, woolly socks and thermal undies are necessities for keeping us warm and protected from the big freeze. We would argue that one of the most important items in any winter wardrobe is a pair of reliable and practical boots.

Best Snow Boots For Winter


Soggy socks and icy cold toes are a sure-fire way to ruin your day. One of the best and most versatile items of footwear for winter is the snow boot. Perfect for men, women and children, the humble snow boot has been keeping toes from frost bite for generations. And even if we don’t get the chance to make snow men this year, they will still protect you from nasty winter weather conditions. We have put together some of the features to look out for, when you are buying a pair of snow boots for winter, so you can get the perfect pair.

Can you go splashing in puddles? The Best Snow Boots Are Waterproof

This is probably the most important questions to ask of your new snow boots. Waterproofing is an absolute necessity, when it comes to British winter. Look at the upper material on the boot, especially at the toes. Water is very likely to seep in at the toes if waterproof material or DWR treatment hasn’t been used, so double check on the product spec or ask a sales assistant. While you might not actually want to go splashing in puddles, you would be very upset if you stood in one accidently and came away with icy water trickling around your toes.

Are they well insulated?

Insulation is vitally important when it comes to battling the cold. You wear insulation on your head during the winter, so why not on your feet? A good pair of snow boots will be insulated with heat trapping material. There are quite a few different options, from quilted boots to fur lined so you can choose a pair that suits you perfectly. Insulation is also important for comfort – you could easily buy a pair of wellies for protection from snow and rain, but they won’t be very comfortable as they are just a shell. Opt for faux fur lined snow boots for extra comfort and warmth.

Women's Florel Snow Boots: £59.99

Women’s Florel Snow Boots: £35.99

What about the soles?

Slippery pavements can be treacherous in winter, making your snow boots all the more important. The best snow boots will have soles with grips for traction, that can prevent you from taking any trips and falls in the slippery snow. Sturdy and durable soles are not only practical and reliable but they will also be better value for money – hard rubber roles will be less likely to wear down quickly after repeated use. We love these Women’s Florel Snow Boots for their super grip soles.

Are the boots adjustable?

Adjustable laces, zips or straps are a desirable extra in a good pair of snow boots. These will allow you to fit the boots to your exact comfort and the better the fit, the more comfortable you will be. Look for zips and laces on the front or back of the boot, or adjuster tabs on the sides.

Follow these simple questions and you will be able to find the perfect snow boots for you – and your family – this winter. We have a variety of snow boots here at Trespass, so you can get the whole family kitted out for winter with zero hassle.


A Guide To Winter Clothing Essentials

Try as we might, there is no stopping it. The days will grow shorter, the air colder and our spirits will dip. Yes, we’re afraid to say it, look out your winter clothing , winter has started to set in. In just the past few weeks the wind as gotten chillier, the sun has refused to put his hat on and many of us have recoiled at the thought of once again having to turn on our heating. But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom! With a new season, comes new clothes and that’s definitely something we can get on board with. Plus, here at Trespass, we have been eagerly awaiting the return of snowy peaks for months – we can’t wait to get out on our skis and snowboards and test out our new selection of waterproofs!

Winter Clothing Essentials Guide

When the winter weather starts to bite you will need to make sure you have practical outdoor clothing and winter clothing that will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the end of this year and into the next. Here’s is a run-down of exactly what you will need to battle the weather. From hats and scarves to jackets and socks, Trespass has everything to keep you feeling fine, come frozen weather time.

A reliable waterproof jacket or shell

A waterproof jacket will work as your ultimate armour against cold, wind and rain. Although keeping moisture out is their main purpose, a good waterproof jacket will have breathable properties, and could incorporate a degree of insulation too, making it the perfect choice for a variety of weather conditions.Women's Whitney Waterproof

Waterproof jackets come in various forms, shapes and styles. Whether you choose a shell, 3-in-1 or even a ski jacket, the most important factor to consider is the waterproof rating. Waterproofing is measured by the amount of water that can be held back by the fabric, before the water starts to seep through. This will be shown in millimetres on your jacket. For example, if a jacket says ‘waterproof up to 5000mm’ the waterproof reading is the height in millimetres a column of water could reach before starting to seep through and the fabric is compromised. It is important to remember that the as the waterproofing ability gets higher, so usually does the price. Always go for the best possible quality you can afford, but keep in mind how often you will use the jacket, where and when. If you are only going to use it a few days of the year, in light showers, you will be safe going for a lower waterproof rating. We love the women’s WHITNEY jacket, shown here. And it’s a snip at just £45!

The good old fleece Jacket

The humble fleece has been a staple item of outdoor lovers for generations. Warm, comfortable, reliable and always practical, the fleece can be worn for a variety of activities and is a relatively inexpensive item of clothing. We have some fantastic fleece jackets and mid-layers that will keep you warm, no matter the weather. A fleece is perfect for wearing on your commute to work or during long country walks, as it will insulate heat and can be worn underneath your favourite waterproof. Plus you can even wear it as a lightweight cover-up during the warmer months.

Waterproof boots or wellies


Unless you want soggy feet after your morning commute, we suggest that you invest in a good pair of waterproof walking boots. Ballet pumps and trainers won’t cut it against torrential British rain. If you are a little more concerned with style, you could also buy yourself a pair of brightly coloured wellies, then change into a different pair of shoes when you get to work. Either way waterproofing is key! Add to this some thick woolly socks and you will be ready to wade through any rough weather. Why not try out Trespass’ RHONE walking boots (pictured), as they are a great price and very comfortable!

The most important thing to remember when you are dressing for winter is practicality. Above all you want to be comfortable, warm and dry – no one wants to look like a drowned rat on their next outdoor outing. You should also consider that winter nights draw in much quicker. You might want to invest in some reflective arm or leg straps, so you can be seen and therefore safer at night time. Trespass has a wide selection of clothing that will keep you looking and feeling your best this winter, so check out our full range of winter clothing essentials today.


As avid sports fans, we at Trespass try to help out as many clubs, teams and societies as possible. We proudly sponsor and provide uniforms to a number of teams including, the Royal Caledonian Curling Club.

The Royal Caledonian Club Academy athletes and coaches took to the ice at The Peak in Stirling for their pre-season Squad Training Day on Sunday August 18th. It was busy day focusing on Technical Delivery, Communications, Team Dynamics and Sport Psychology. There were a number of on and off ice sessions and to round off the day Kyle Smith and Hannah Fleming came to speak to the Squad about succeeding at World Level. Here you can see them decked out in all their Trespass gear!


The Gold Teams (in white ice tops) will be representing their country at both Domestic and International Competitions and have been training weekly on summer ice at The Peak. The Silver Teams (in black Squad jackets) have a full season of top level Domestic competition to prepare for the Scottish Junior Championships in January.

Join everyone here at Trespass in wishing them the best of luck for their coming season!


Florida provides the ideal background for a dynamic and action packed holiday in the sun. Officially nicknamed the Sunshine State, Florida boasts the sunniest winter weather across the whole of the United States and enjoys the warmest January as well. Whether you want a holiday filled with adventures on the water, discovering the tropical Everglades, or exploring the countryside, you can spot some beautiful sights whilst doing it here.


Splashing Around the Coast

The coastline of Florida is filled with exquisitely beautiful pale sandy beaches, which are lapped at by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, making plenty of opportunity for water sports. Wakeboarding and kiteboarding provide the ideal adrenaline fuelled experience on the sea, whilst deep sea fishing is on many visitors’ must do list. Snorkelling and diving open up the colourful underwater worlds of vibrant fish, loggerhead turtles, dolphins and the Florida Keys Reef.

On Dry Land

Those who would rather stay on dry land will also find a host of activities and adventures to enjoy. Whether it is taking it easy on one of the famous golf courses or meandering across the coastline on a bicycle ride, Florida has is all. Other outdoors activities include hiking, tennis, racing, horse riding and zip-lining.

Preparing For Your Trip

Preparation is key to making an activity holiday in Florida a success, so plan what to pack carefully and you can ensure you’re well equipped and comfortable for your entire stay.

It is worth trying to condense your luggage into just one suitcase and a carry on rucksack (or for families, one per adult and shared suitcases between children). The hand luggage rucksack you ‘carry on’ can then act as your day-pack when you’re heading off on any adventurous tours and trips.

Hand Luggage

In your hand luggage you should ensure you have all your travel documents, including your passport and any valuables, such as cameras, phones and money. Other necessities whilst travelling include any medication you or your family are taking, extra clothing and a mini first aid kit. Hand luggage with lots of extra pockets are a great idea, as you can keep your items separated and organised.

Be Weather Prepared 

Florida’s weather is mostly warm and sunny, but during the winter it tends to be dry and mild with brief spells of rain. The summers are hot and humid and tropical showers are common during wet season. It is worth knowing what kind of weather to expect before you pack the essentials, so you can make sure your wardrobe will cope with any unexpected showers or humidity. A packable jacket is a great option for combating the rain without adding extra bulk to your luggage.

Many people head to Florida prepared for the rain, but it is vital to pack for the strong sun as well. Remember to keep sun cream on you at all times, and lightweight cover ups for the intense lunchtime sun.

All Weather Necessities

Some items are necessary whatever the weather, such as a good pair of secure sandals. Whether you are wandering across the countryside or strolling on the beach, you need to protect your feet. A wide brimmed hat is also a good idea for protecting your neck and your face.

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the water you may want to invest in a pair of aqua shoes, as they will fit into fins when diving or snorkelling and are perfect for wading. Sunglasses are usually a feature of everyone’s holiday luggage, but ensure you opt for a polarised pair with a strap if you are planning on trying any water sports.

The diverse landscape of Florida is a photographer’s dream, so make sure you bring a camera to capture some of your adventures and explorations. If you’re based in a hotel you can upload images onto a laptop to create space for new ones, but pack a spare memory card just in case.

An activity holiday in Florida will certainly provide you with a lifetime of memories and some unforgettable experiences, so pack smart and you won’t have any excuse to miss out on all the fun. There are a number of places where you can book flights to Florida for you and the whole family.

Everyone wants to escape the winter weather here in the UK, so Florida might be just the answer you’re looking for. Plus we have a whole range of summer essentials at Trespass, so you will be able to do all your holiday shopping in one place!