Summer is nearly upon us, despite what the weather might think, and that means only one thing; time to hit the beach! Ok, so we don’t expect too many of you live in a Baywatch-style beach hut but wherever you are in the UK chances are you won’t have to travel too far to find the coast. So why not get out and explore the stunning shorelines GB has to offer?

This summer our favourite animal advocate, Ben Fogle, is fronting a beach clean-up campaign to keep our country’s beaches ‘barefoot friendly’ (however, if you dare not bare your tootsies, aqua shoes are increasingly popular beach attire). The Beach Rescue Project 2012 was launched earlier this month by Barefoot Wine and environmental charity Surfers Against Sewage and encourages volunteers to get out and help pick up litter to make the beaches pristine once more. The clean-ups are taking place in 14 locations around the country, click here to find one near you.

So with all the newly cleaned sand and litter-free beaches on offer best start by looking at the most desirable hot spots in Blighty. In Scotland there’s no shortage of options. From the long stretches on the East coast, to the white sands of the Hebrides, you can find an idyllic spot whatever you plan to do. For surfers, Thurso’s Dunnet Bay is a popular choice, while you could definitely fly a kite or two at St Andrews. All you need, then, is the weather. Good luck with that…

Down south you are spoiled for choice and the further south you go the more tropical the weather too. Cornwall and Devon have long since been tourist favourites, but why not opt for islands off the beaten track? The Isles of Scilly have some spectacular Caribbean-style beaches, with crystal clear blue-green water. Great for wildlife spotting, as well as water sports.

Wherever you choose to bury your toes in sand, be it at home or abroad, you’ll need some activities to keep the kid’s (and adults) occupied. Of course, the old classics are still a valid way to pass the time. Like the hours spent burying your family members up to their neck in sand, only for them to stand up and walk away, or the deluxe castle built dangerously close to the tide. However, for the more advanced beach reveller, we have a few alternatives…

1. Frisbee. A simple concept, all you need is a Frisbee and some participants. Although for the more competitive types, Ultimate turns a game of catch into a serious sport with end zones like American football. Sounds awesome!

2. Beach Rounders. You’ll need a bat and ball (soft ones are preferable) and a team of friends. Then you can relive your childhood game, or play baseball if you know the rules. Hours of energy-sapping fun!

3. Sand Boules. Pretty much the same as non-sand boules, but with a plastic set and you play it on a beach. Simples.

Beach toys could just be the life-saver you need this summer to escape the perils of boredom and/or tantrums.

Have you got any super ideas for beach games? Why not tell us your favourite childhood summer game, with or without beach versions below…


One thought on “Isn’t Summer Just Beachy?

  1. Roslyn

    Great news for Britain’s beaches today- the Good Beach Guide has made a record number of ‘excellent’ recommendations in the UK. All the more reason to get out and enjoy them this summer!