Here is a simple explanation on how we measure the water repelling performance of our garments.

How Trespass Measure Waterproofing


Technology Explained.....
Basically if you imagine a single column of water held back by a piece of our Tres-Tex® fabric. Our waterproof reading is the height in millimetres this column would reach before starting to seep through. So, 5000mm is infact 5 meters of water held back by the fabric. Tres-Tex, Waterproof fabric

This new concept in fabric technology has an athletic form supported by stretch qualities that allow for a full range of body movements. It is soft to touch, flexible and very comfortable. Soft shell is suited to highly energetic pursuits. Moisture moves freely from your body to the outer environment, the high levels of breathability also improve drying times significantly making it comfortable over a wide range of weather conditions.


Lightweight, durable and soft lofted fibres trap and hold the heat generated by your body, giving you maximum freedom of movement allowing you to stay comfortable in the most arctic of conditions.

Coldheat Insulation

Designed for comfort and warmth from soft, light, breathable, anti-pill fleece, these garments are a versatile mid-layer. The special structure of Airtrap not only stretches to give you freedom of movement but creates airspaces that trap and hold your body heat.

Airtrap performance fleece

Even with the most waterproof material in the world, severe conditions can lead to water ingress at the seams through the hundreds of needle holes made when stitching the garment together. By applying thermoplastic tape under heat and pressure, the seams are sealed to prevent moisture passing through.

Taped Seams
Be prepared without sacrificing weight and space in your pack. Packaway garments are lightweight, adjustable and less bulky yet retain their performance. Packaway
Three options in one garment. A custom layering system consisting of an outershell and removable fleece offering maximum versatility and the ability to adjust your personal microclimate. 3-in1 composite outerwear
Four options in one garment. A custom layering system consisting of an outershell and removable fleece. Detachable sleeves or reversability increase the versatility of these adaptable garments. 4-in1 composite outerwear
The communications pocket is designed specifically for your mobile phone or two-way radio. Positioned snugly inside the jacket, this warm environment prolongs battery life as exposure to cold drains battery power. Comm Access, communications pocket
Audio pockets allow easy storage for your personal entertainment systems. For MiniDisc, Media or MP3 player, these pockets use built in channels, allowing the headphones to connect without compromising the weather seal of the jacket. Audio pocket
Specially developed zippers that are designed to keep the water out thanks to a plasticised coating that overlaps the sides and teeth of the zip. This also means we can do away with excess material used in flaps and covers which, in turn, leads to a more streamlined, lightweight garment. Water Repellent Zippers
Snowbreaks are a must when the powder is chest deep, keeping the snow where it belongs, on the outside! They also provide a barrier against the wind, preventing annoying drafts. Some snowbreaks attach to your waist belt providing a total seal against the elements. Others are removable for your convenience. Snowbreak
For complete control of your personal environment, venting is as vital as good insulation. Your body sweats when active, when sweat cools, you get cold. With a variety of venting options you can dump excess body heat when needed. When it gets too cold or in deep snow, close off the vents and keep in the heat. Venting, temperature control
The RECCO® Rescue System utilises advanced radar technology to make quick location of an avalanche victim possible. RECCO® is a passive system, which means there is no need for batteries or maintenance and nothing to turn on or off. Recco® Website. Recco, Avalanche Rescue System
The 21st century demands higher performance, more flexibility, better ideas. To stay ahead of the game, people need intelligent technologies that reliably support them in their daily lives. This challenge is our vision. Sympatex® Technology develops innovative functional systems for clothing and footwear – the right solution for a demanding new era. Welcome to the future. Sympatex Technologies
Duoskin Intelligent Fabric from Trespass effectively draws moisture away from the skin. This moisture quickly evaporates when brought to the surface of the fabric, leaving you dry and comfortable. Tightly woven fibres, high wicking and quick drying. Duoskin, Intelligent Fabric
Trespass DUOSKIN+ technology is your first line of defence against harmful UV and uncomfortable humidity. Trespass DUOSKIN+ technology has been developed with travel and leisure in mind. Duoskin Plus
Provides a major line in defence against irritating, biting insects. The non-toxic, insect repelling agents in the fabric significantly reduce the cha nce of being targeted. Moskitophobia® is also fast drying and high wicking maintaining unparalleled personal luxury. Easy-wear, easy-care. Moskitophobia, Insect repelling treatment
The cottony soft comfort of Supplex® used in the Trespass Adventure collection offers superior comfort, freedom of movement and is lightweight and breathable. Supplex® fabric is also quick drying, water resistant and has a UPF rating of 40+. Supplex, comfort and freedom
Coolmax® fabric offers soft, lightweight and breathable comfort. It wicks moisture away from your body keeping you cool, dry and comfortable. Coolmax keeps you comfortable and dry

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